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History can be a challenging and rewarding hobby. You can get as deeply into it as you like. A visit to Jamestown, a trip to Chichen Itza, or even a day trip to your local Civil War reenactment is like stepping into a time machine, for a history buff. I'll never forget the first time I heard cannon shot and had soldiers on horses come thundering past me to jump over an old wooden, zigzag fence to join the battle fray. Wow! What a rush. Genealogy, too, can make history come alive. There's nothing like finding out that your great-great granddaddy was a Confederate spy (or a Union spy, for that matter). And what about your home town? People in North Georgia point with pride to lovely old Greek Revival courthouses on the town square, beautiful native-stone structures, and even crazy old retro diners shaped like big hot dogs. Look at the Big Chicken in Marietta... Could we find our way without it? Quite often, it is your local historical society which preserves and maintains those old landmarks ~ and usually on a shoestring budget. Even when the historical society doesn't maintain the structure, it is often the historical society that puts a neglected landmark in the news and gets the ball rolling on the renovation. Check out your local historical society, and check out these history sites. You might be history bitten for life!

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Tennessee and Georgia History