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Detailed Biography: Winfield Scott Murray

Winfield Murray married Nancy Petty (photo), daughter of Elijah Petty, on 1 July 1866 in Blairsville, Union County, Georgia. The marriage is recorded in a book that records marriages from 1866 to 1874. They are couple number 339 in that book, and appear as W.S. Murry and Miss Nancy Pettey. (Source: Georgia's Virtual Vault: Marriage Records from Microfilm. Digital page 9. See image.) Nancy MURRAY appears on a list of charter members of Salem Number One church in Fannin County.

Scott and Nancy Petty Murray in Census...
1870 finds Scott MURRAY and Nancy PETTY together in census for the first time. One child, Georgia MURRAY, born in 1869, is dead by 1870 and does not appear in census. The only proof that we have of Georgia's life is a tombstone erected by Elias Andrew MURRAY, and a niece who was named "Georgia," probably after this child. Scott, Nancy and children live next door to Nancy's father, Elijah PETTY. He and his family moved into Georgia from North Carolina between 1850 and 1860. Also in Scott's household is Milton MURRAY, an unknown relation. Possibly, he is Scott's son from the earlier marriage. If so, he was mentioned by a different name in the 1860 census. The fact that one of Scott's children was named "Raphala" (Raphael?) does point to a possible affinity for classical names in this family. Sarah MURRAY makes her first appearance in the 1870 household, too. William "Will" MURRAY, five months old, shows up here, too. Since there was another William in the 1850 household of W.S. and Caroline MURRAY, it is possible that the first William died young.

Winfield Scott Murray dies...
Winfield Scott MURRAY dies in 1877, as does his child, Dovie MURRAY, who was born in 1875. They are buried at Sugar Hill ~ Salem Number One, in Dial, Fannin County, Georgia. Dovie does not appear in any census. The widowed Nancy MURRAY is still in Fannin County in 1880. She is 38 years old and has five of her children at home: Sarah, William, Alice, Mary Jane, and Andrew. Also living in the household is Nancy's sister, Sarah PETTY, a housekeeper. Nancy purchases land in Murray County, Georgia in 1885. 1900 finds Nancy and family in MURRAY County, though Mary and Elias (Andrew) are the only offspring left in her home. Sarah and Alice have married by now. William, too, is out of the household, though it is unknown where he is and whether he has married already. Milton, the unknown relation, is also gone, never to be heard from again, apparently. We do find a mention of a Milton MURRAY in North Carolina, who serves in the Union Army during the Civil War; it is unknown if that is the same Milton MURRAY.

Nancy (Petty) Murray and Children Move to Oklahoma

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