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Years ago, a bunch of artists participated in some forums. They were great ~ full of ideas, lots of creativity there. Well, the forum went the way of the dinosaur, but some good art relationships were forged. I've tried to keep up with the home pages of all these artists over the years, and have collected here the ones I could find. These are the people who guided, inspired, encouraged, and helped me. I call them friends. Thanks, guys!

Angie Cook of Blue Ridge
Art by Mark Ryden
Cindy Schnackel on RedBubble
Marilyn Phillippi (Pinterest)
Tom Brewitz
Maria A. Bales
Mary Beth Goodman, Quilter
Doll by Susan Williams
My own art page (Southern Muse)

In Memoriam: Delmundo ~ The Art of Greg Cope

I've lost track of a few home pages: Philip DeLoach, Karen McConnell, Marie Louise Erikson, Cindy Davis, OsoTBear